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  • Keep your IoT up!

    Keep your customers happy!

    Thousands of IoT-sensors in the field? How you know they are working as they should? Hopefully not through your customers!
    Well, your customers trust in IoT. Why wouldn’t you?
    Stay relaxed! Trust in IoT!

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What is IoT.UpKeep?

IoT sensors can fail to communicate or lose its accuracy. Early detection and prevention is key to avoid damage to your business, such as customer dissatisfaction, data losses or inaccurate statistical modelling. With thousands of IoT-sensors in the field generating data in real time, it becomes impossible to supervise and proactively manage them all. IoT.UpKeep is a low cost service to automatize this supervision task. The platform uses modern Machine Learning and Data Science techniques to proactively anticipate possible problems and detect subtle divergences and drifts in the sensor's accuracy. We Alert you early or before a problem occurs. Hence, we do not only save hundreds of man-hours, but deliver also super-human information which directly avoid problems.
IoT.UpKeep is precise and time information, which directly cashes into your Business!

What Services are available?


Your Sensor is supposed to transmit data in a defined schedule to the platform. If the Data did not arrive or arrived incomplete, IoT.UpKeep.Alert sends you an Alert via Whatsapp and E-Mail, delivering diagnosis details. This is a basic service, which permits timely and targeted action, before your business takes damage.

Subscription: 1 $ / Sensor

Special Price on Mass Contracts Available


A failure usually has a series of complex preceding behaviour, which are often not visible for humans. Our Machine Learning algorithm learns and predicts these patterns and sends you an Alert via Whatsapp and E-Mail before the error occurs. This advanced service lets you act on time to prevent any failure.

Subscription: 2 $ / Sensor

Special Price on Mass Contracts Available


Any sensor can lose its calibration over time, which happens widely unnoticed. Our AI model based Bayesian Inference learn to predict once correct sensor values in the context of other sensors. It sends you an Alert via Whatsapp and E-Mail if sensor values are consistently out of the Expected range.

Subscription: 3 $ / Sensor

Special Price on Mass Contracts Available

How Exactly does it work?

1. Create a Fieldclimate Service Account.
2. Add the new Station to your Fieldclimate Service Account.
3. Create your Account in IoT.UpKeep insert the API Keys from your Fieldclimate Service Account.
4. Register your new Station in IoT.UpKeep and insert the Mobile Number and the Email you like to get the alerts to.
5. Select the services and plan you like to contract.
6. Complete the Checkout.
Done! Welcome to Maintenance 4.0

For mass registration, please contact:

About IoT.Upkeep

IoT.UpKeep is a service product developed by DRAWDOWN LABS. DRAWDOWN LABS is a R&D and Data Science Lab located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, focused in Developing on demand Data Science and Artificial Intelligence solutions in the area of Agriculture and Environmental science. Our knowledge, Data Science and AI algorithms come directly from the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.