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  • Keep your IoT up!

    Keep your customers happy!

    Thousands of IoT-sensors in the field? How you know they are working as they should? Hopefully not through your customers!
    Well, your customers trust in IoT. Why wouldn’t you?
    Stay relaxed! Trust in IoT!

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How Exactly does it work?

1. Create a Fieldclimate Service Account.
2. Add the new Station to your Fieldclimate Service Account.
3. Create your Account in IoT.UpKeep insert the API Keys from your Fieldclimate Service Account.
4. Register your new Station in IoT.UpKeep and insert the Mobile Number and the Email you like to get the alerts to.
5. Select the services and plan you like to contract.
6. Complete the Checkout.
Done! Welcome to Maintenance 4.0